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Zonbu new concept
Zonbu was created to take advantage of advances in open source software, web services, and hardware miniaturization to move the PC industry to a radically simpler and more affordable model.

  • Hassle-free experience
  • Affordable for each and everyone
  • Breakthrough self-healing architecture
  • Silent, leading-edge miniaturized, flash-based design
  • Web services ready

Zonbu Hassle-Free
The Zonbu operating system was developed to support a range of services aimed at simplifying the computing experience. The premium service plan offer for $1495 per month:

  • Transparent upgrades
  • Unlimited support
  • Zonbu Elastic Drive
Click here for more information about the hassle-free plans.

Zonbu Press Releases
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About Zonbu
Zonbu was created in 2006 to provide an environmentally responsible computing platform that would be both radically simpler and affordable.

Zonbu offers an environmentally-friendly, affordable, and hassle-free personal computer and software suite that take advantage of advances in open source software, self-healing architectures, and Web services. These advances enable one of the most dramatic changes in personal computing in decades.

There is no doubt that personal computers have made extraordinary contributions to the lives of consumers in the areas of productivity, entertainment and access to knowledge. However, this increased usefulness has come at a price:

  • Much like the gas guzzlers of the 70s, the traditional PCs' pursuit of performance at all cost is having a negative environmental impact. In many states, PCs are the fastest growing consumers of electricity and their manufacturing process generates increasing amounts of toxic waste and non-recyclables.
  • Consumers, more than half of whom live in households with multiple computers, are exasperated by the intractable complexities of IT administration in their own homes.
  • While hardware costs have steadily declined, the cost of software — including version upgrades — is at an all time high.

Zonbu's self-healing and data-safe architecture creates a virtually unbreakable environment that does away with most of the chores commonly associated with managing PCs: no software install, — or re-install —, no system configuration, no data backup, no system corruption, no hard disk fragmentation, no anti-virus or anti-spyware hassles, and no data migration when switching to a new unit.

In July 2007, Zonbu introduced a silent, miniaturized personal desktop computer preloaded with 20 best-of-breed software applications from the open source community that in combination with a data protection, application update, and system management service delivers on these innovations. Pricing for the Zonbu Desktop Mini starts at $99, depending on the service plan, with service plans at $1495 a month.

In Novembre 2007, a laptop version was released, starting at $279. The Zonbu Notebook benefits from the great software developed for the desktop.

Zonbu was founded by CEO Grégoire Gentil and Chairman Alain Rossmann, both experienced entrepreneurs with track records of success. Zonbu is Grégoire Gentil's fourth start-up in twelve years. His most recent success was Twingo, which was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2004. In addition to his entrepreneurial background, he has broad technical expertise in designing and developing complex software solutions.

With more than twenty years of experience, Chairman and co-founder Alain Rossmann is a well-known technology industry veteran and entrepreneur. He has held many positions in consumer electronics companies, including Apple from 1983 to 1986, during the Mac launch. He was the Vice President of Operations of C-Cube Microsystems, the first company to deliver real time digital video for consumer applications. He later pioneered handheld devices as the CEO of EO Corporation, which was eventually sold to AT&T. He was also the founder of Openwave where he became widely recognized as the father of the wireless Internet for his pioneering work on the convergence of Internet and mobile phone services.

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High Value, Low hassle
Stop the hassle at home, reduce the maintenance cost at work.
Fully loaded
Everything you need, nothing you don't.
Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device
Login to My Zonbu from anywhere & make yourself at home.
Share and Share Alike
Drag-n-drop sharing via the desktop Public folder.
Hello, Old Friend
Familiar, easy-to-use interface, meaning no learning curve.
Automatic backup
Dead hard-drive, instantaneously recover all your data.
The fast life
Sets up in seconds, and everything's plug & play.
Automatically installs of patches and upgrades.
Instant Immunity
Say buh-bye to viruses, spyware, and malware that pollutes your PC.
Green OS
Energy Star compliant, optimized system for low power consumption.


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Internet, Internet, Internet
State-of-the-art browser, email, universal instant messenger, free Skype calling and peer-to-peer clients for your downloading convenience.
Office for productivity
Write a letter, crunch some numbers, whip up a presentation.
Photos for reminiscing about happy memories
Upload photos directly from your digital camera, then organize and share them with friends in a minute.
Express yourself with web publishing
Enhance an image, create a webpage, publish yourself.
Unwind with games
Civilization? Solitaire? Choose your genre.
Music and movies for kicking back and relaxing
Popcorn anyone?


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