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Try Zonbu. Free download!
Welcome to the world of Zonbu. Here you can download and burn a Live DVD, allowing you to run Zonbu Open Source Edition without modifying your operating system. You may also choose to install Zonbu – feel free (just back up your local data first).

Zonbu OS here

Version: 2008-05
build 1445
1903 MB
Wed, June 25, 2008
Installation steps:
  • Check the file integrity: md5sum DVD.
  • Burn the ISO image to DVD.
  • Zonbu recommends quality DVD+-R media burned at low speed.
  • Place burnt media in your DVD drive and turn on your computer.
  • For help, please review the FAQs at right.

Use rsync if you have already downloaded the image: rsync rsync://build.zonbu.com/zonbu/build/2008-05.1445/zonbu.iso /to/path/zonbu.iso -av --progress is also available.


VMware version

You may choose to run Zonbu via VMware Workstation or VMware Player. Simply download the zonbu vmware zip file and extract this archive to your computer. Then, download one of the iso images to the same folder where you have extracted the zip file. Note that if you download the DVD image, you need also to rename it to zonbu.iso.



Desktop Déjà vu

The Zonbu OS looks and works like the latest PC operating systems, so you can get started right away by doing the things you already know. The elegant, intuitive user interface offers many of the most recent OS innovations, including transparency and shading, and see-through menus that make navigating quick and easy by keeping all the applications and tools neatly organized.


Immune to bad PC viruses — and bad guys

There are more than 100,000 viruses targeted at Windows PCs. But Zonbu isn't susceptible to a single one. Zonbu not only comes with a built-in firewall, it doesn't invite attacks by announcing itself to the world every time you turn it on. Zonbu also makes sure the latest upgrades and security patches are implemented right away. So you always stay a step ahead of the shady characters who prowl the Internet.


Anywhere, anytime, securely

Even if you leave your Zonbu device behind, you can still access everything that you've created on it as well as everything that you've downloaded onto it. With your subscription to the Zonbu service, you gain access to a private web space that stores all of your files. Whether you are across town or across an ocean, all you need in order to access your stored files is a computer with an Internet connection. With Zonbu instant remote access, you'll never be without your word-processing files, photos, business presentations, or music library.


Plug-in your accessories

With some PCs, plug-and-play really means plug and do a lot of work. Zonbu takes the hassle out of manually installing accessories like printers, DVD drives, and digital music players. No more searching for drivers, waiting for updates to download, or reading the troubleshooting guide. Just plug in any of the accessories listed here and Zonbu does all the work — in seconds.

See the list of compatible accessories

What's a Live DVD?
This is a typical distribution mode for Linux-based operating systems — Wikipedia does it justice.
Is there any risk to my PC to run Zonbu via Live DVD?
Absolutely no risk -- It will leave no trace once the computer is shutdown.
How do I check the integrity of the iso?
You must run md5sum to verify the file integrity. You can use md5summer on Windows.
How do I burn a DVD?
You may burn the iso image using for instance ImgBurn (website download) on Windows, or cdrecord (website) on Linux.
Do I need a Zonbu test account?
No. Anyone can evaluate Zonbu by selecting the Open Source Edition during login (Login: opensource | Psswd: zonbu).
Do I have root privileges?
On the Live DVD, root privileges is enabled by default. Open a terminal window and type "sudo -s". Once you have installed Zonbu on the computer, root privileges are disabled.
How do I permanently enable root privileges once Zonbu has been installed?
1. Press the Esc key while booting to reach the Grub menu. This menu appears after the BIOS. So, keep pressing escape as long as you have not yet reached this Grub menu.
2. Type "p" and then enter the password "zonbu" (without quotes).
3. Highlight the first entry [Zonbu] and press "e".
4. Select the second line "kernel /boot/pcor_vmlinuz ..." and press "e" again.
5. Append " zonbu_add_root" to this line, press Enter, then "b" to boot.
How can I install more applications?
To install additional applications, you will need root privileges (described above). In a terminal window, type "sudo -s" and then "emerge -a __package__". To review a list of available package, go to http://gentoo-portage.com.
How do I get support?
Visit our forums or contact us directly: support@zonbu.com.


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