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What's new at Zonbu?

Updated pricing and 2009 plansby Gregoire Gentil on 01/29/09.
From its inception, Zonbu has been a pioneer in next generation computing. Our products are some of the most environmentally friendly available, requiring far less power than most computers. In addition, our Zonbu Plus service has provided our customers with completely transparent data backups and online access, taking cloud computing to the next level. With our innovative architecture, we have provided 100% storage uptime for the past 18 months and have reached a 99.99% file recovery level.

As a young company, we have found ourselves susceptible to the recent economic downturn. We had to reorganize ourselves, and it became difficult to put the finishing touches on the 2008 beta version, and turn into an official OS update, which was originally scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2008.

We realize that this has been a disappointment to some of our customers. We also realize that many of our customers are themselves being forced to cut back because of the economy. Therefore:
* We are cutting the monthly fee for all of our subscription plans to $9.95 per month, retroactive as of 1/15/2009.
* We are also waiving all cancellations fees for the Zonbu service. Although we hate to see them leave, any customer, regardless of whatever commitment they may have, may cancel without a penalty.

If you're deciding whether or not to stay with Zonbu, don't worry, we're not going anywhere. We are committed to continuing to provide OS maintenance as well as top-notch technical support for our existing customers. We are working on an OS update to be released in March that will include Firefox 3 and OpenOffice.org 3.0, as well as many other features. Any customer experiencing difficulties should contact our Help Desk. Thank you for choosing Zonbu.

New beta availableby Gregoire Gentil on 05/11/08.
We have released 2008.05, which is the next generation of Zonbu. In beta ;-) This version works on 'any PC' and incorporates an innovative webOS for remote access. This version is not pushed to the current customers due to its early status. We expect to release it within a couple of months.

New websiteby Gregoire Gentil on 05/11/08.
We have put online our new website. We hope that you will like the new design. Drop us a line if you have any comment.

Discover the new features brought by the automatic upgrades, and check if the bugs you encountered were fixed.


Zonbu supports open source. Participate and help the community.


Zonbu is natively compatible with thousands of USB accessories.


Zonbu comes preloaded with 20 of the most useful applications for your everyday needs. Internet, Office, Multimedia and more.


If you have data on your old PC, simply transfer it to Zonbu with the import/export wizard. Import all your Windows emails, contacts and data files — like documents, music, movies — to Zonbu in moments.
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