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The World's First Hybrid Computing System

One part desktop. One part webOS. Welcome to the world of Zonbu, where an innovative new concept called 'hybrid computing' is coming to a computer near you.

Zonbu's hybrid OS combines a robust, yet easy-to-use, linux-based desktop environment with a complementary suite of cloud-based services including:

  • remote access from any browser
  • data synchronization and automatic backups
  • online storage that grows with you
  • the ability to edit and share documents and files on the fly.
With Zonbu your entire desktop — data, applications, preferences and settings — is always available from any PC. Complete location and hardware independence. Try it today!


The Zonbu Advantage

Think of the hybrid approach as truly "hassle-free" computing. Why? Because Zonbu just plain works for you — there's nothing to install, no software to configure, and nothing to update — ever. Your computer is always up-to-date with the latest software releases and always free of malicious viruses, spyware and malware.



Zonbu Elastic Drive: Automatic data back-up

Never again worry about losing precious photos or valuable data. Zonbu continuously, automatically and transparently backs up all of your data. This means that Zonbu can help you in case of a data loss disaster. Even if your home or office is struck by fire, flood, burglary, or anything else that may affect your Zonbu device, all of your data is safely stored at secure Zonbu facilities. Just order a new Zonbu device or gain access to another computer with an Internet connection, and you can immediately retrieve your personal information and treasured memories. If you use your Zonbu for work, you'll be back in business in no time.


Unique reset feature

Zonbu features an instant reset capability should you ever need to restore the default configuration while protecting your data, preferences and settings. And should anything ever happen to your hardware — we know, hard drives can fail — rest assured all your data is safe and secure online. Just log in from another system and presto, everything automatically pops back up just as you left it.

Learn more about Zonbu:

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Zonbu comes preloaded with 20 of the most useful applications for your everyday needs. Internet, Office, Multimedia and more.


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