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The Intelligent Alternative

There countless reasons why Zonbu makes a smart alternative to traditional Windows-based PCs. Among the key advantages, a Zonbu-powered system is:

  • Affordable — download and install for free. Can't beat that.
  • Reliable — start it up and everything 'just works.' Every time.
  • Flexible — runs on most modern PCs*, easy to migrate data.
  • Extensible — easily upgrade for additional online storage capacity
  • Utilitarian — everything you need and nothing you don't: in a familiar package.
In essence, our mission is to provide a truly hassle-free computing experience. Once you experience hybrid computing pioneered by Zonbu, you'll wonder how you got along without it. Zonbu aims to eliminate the pain and frustration of ongoing system maintenance, allowing you the ultimate luxury: your time. Spent it wisely.
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Home Work School

"I would be more than happy to point all those relatives and friends to Zonbu
for this nifty little laptop, so I wouldn't have to serve as their support so often."
~ TechRepublic 12/02/07

"Zonbu PC is a good alternative to the traditional desktop PC."
~ PC Magazine, 3/17/08

"As a second pc for the kids, the kitchen or the weekend house
where you just need to browse the Web, it's a killer product."
~ Forbes, 10/15/07

" Are you the computer-savvy member of your family, the one who goes home
for the holidays only to find yourself in front of multiple computers, trouble-shooting
instead of celebrating? Then maybe the Zonbu Notebook should be on your gift list."
~ New York Times, 12/13/07

High Value, Low hassle
Stop the hassle at home, reduce the maintenance cost at work.
Fully loaded
Everything you need, nothing you don't.
Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device
Login to My Zonbu from anywhere & make yourself at home.
Share and Share Alike
Drag-n-drop sharing via the desktop Public folder.
Hello, Old Friend
Familiar, easy-to-use interface, meaning no learning curve.
Automatic backup
Dead hard-drive, instantaneously recover all your data.
The fast life
Sets up in seconds, and everything's plug & play.
Automatically installs of patches and upgrades.
Instant Immunity
Say buh-bye to viruses, spyware, and malware that pollutes your PC.
Green OS
Energy Star compliant, optimized system for low power consumption.


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