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What do they say about us?

PC Magazine"Zonbu PC is a good alternative to the traditional desktop PC. It runs Gentoo Linux, which is a lot more usable than the gOS Linux on the gPC. This is the EPEAT Gold and Energy Star 4.0 certified PC to buy if your computing needs run mainly on the Web. It's the first PC Mag Green Approved product ever." (03/17/08) Read more  

LinuxDevices.com"The Zonbu Laptop proved to be one of the most civilized, well-behaved Linux systems I have ever used...I've held off writing the review for so long, hoping to find a serious nit or two to pick. I have not been able to do it. It's as perfect a machine as computers get..." (03/19/08) Read more  

Practically Networked"...the Zonbook won't necessarily save you big money, [but] it can save you something almost as valuable--time and aggravation--by eliminating the need for to find, install, configure and update all kinds of software on your own. It's this convenience, combined with the data backup and remote access (that you'd have to pay for separately in the Windows world) that make the Zonbook an attractive option." (02/20/08) Read more  

HelpMeRick.com"Wow!! From box to complete usability in less than 15 minutes, no other laptop on the market can accomplish that in triple that time for any cost much less for under $400!...Overall, Zonbu exceeded my expectations for a pre-packaged Linux computer. I stand by my opinion that a Zonbu (or other Linux computer) would be an ideal system for at least 80% of the computing population" (02/18/08) Read more  

PC Magazine"If you're buying a laptop for the very first time and have heard horror stories about computer viruses, tech support nightmares, and onerous system maintenance, the Everex Zonbu Notebook provides a plan that will alleviate most if not all of these concerns." (02/11/08) Read more  

Hardware in Review"I'm so impressed by the Zonbu that I'm tempted to ditch my Linux workstation and totally switch over to it. It's a revolution in desktop computing roughly equivalent to the advent of desktop Linux itself. It opens new doors to hardware, software, and storage possibilities that were previously closed by vendor lock-in..." (01/29/08) Read more  

New York Times"Are you the computer-savvy member of your family, the one who goes home for the holidays only to find yourself in front of multiple computers, trouble-shooting instead of celebrating? Then maybe the Zonbu Notebook should be on your gift list." (12/13/07) Read more  

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Tech Republic"I pulled the [Zonbu Notebook] out of the box, plugged it in, and was delighted that the machine worked flawlessly out of the box... In fact, I would be more than happy to point all those relatives and friends to Zonbu for this nifty little laptop, so I wouldn't have to serve as their support so often." (12/02/07) Read more  

Gizmodo"What distinguishes the Zonbu...is the Zonbu Plan, which offers automatic software upgrades and synchronized online storage for a monthly fee...With the $15/mo plan the hard drive links up with the Amazon S3 server and provides backup and additional storage that can be accessed from anywhere." (11/28/07) Read more  

Tech Republic"This little gem of a PC is one of those items most would overlook. But the thing is, you shouldn’t. For the average user who only wants to surf the Web, check e-mail, and do the occasional document, this thing is perfect! The setup couldn’t be any easier. You plug it in, turn it on, and log on to your machine. That’s it." (11/12/07) Read more  

Forbes"As a second pc for the kids, the kitchen or the weekend house where you just need to browse the Web, it's a killer product. By Fake Steve Jobs." (10/15/07) Read more  

Popular Mechanics"2007 Breakthrough Awards - The Top 10 Most Brilliant Gadgets of 2007: It isn't the technology that makes the Zonbox revolutionary, it's the idea." (10/10/07) Read more  

Wall Street Journal"Wall Street Journal 2007 Technology Innovation Awards - Runner-up for Zonbu Mini in Computing Systems category" (09/24/07) Read more  

Salon.com"An innovative business model, one inspired by modern computing realities: it's what's on the network, and not what's on your machine, that really matters." (08/02/07) Read more  

TechNewsWorld"It does give you an impressive number of features and unique benefits at a low entry price of US$99, and then wraps the product with an inexpensive monthly fee attached to Web 2.0-like services that appear to be worth the fee. The software package is impressively complete as well." (07/23/07) Read more  

ClientServerNews"Zonbu is basically telling consumers that it'll take any hardware repairs, software installations, updates and upgrades, configurations, data backups, disk defragmentation, virus and spyware checks, data migration and system corruption recovery off their hands, proposition that's got to appeal to the average Joe considering it's also cheap." (07/23/07) Read more  

Gizmodo"And for you greenies, remember, this baby uses just 10 watts while a standard PC uses 200 watts, and it has EPEAT Gold status for being made entirely out of earth-friendly materials. Put that in Al Gore's pipe and smoke it." (07/17/07) Read more  

Craig's blog"I've been using it for weeks as my primary customer service machine, and it delivers as promised. It uses little power, and has a complete set of applications for $99, period." (07/16/07) Read more  

Geek.com"The ideal buyer is going to be an undemanding user who is tired of dealing with spyware and viruses and simply wants to surf the Internet without problems. Considering the low starting price, it could be great for a number of different applications - if you are a beginner or not." (07/16/07) Read more  

New York Times"The PC received the highest certification possible from the Green Electronics Council, a nonprofit group that has created a product classification standard known as Epeat (for Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool)." (07/15/07) Read more  

LuMen Creative Group"So what do you think? For grandma, a school kid, or someone that needs just the basics, I think this is the best idea anyone could have had." (05/29/07) Read more  

Wired - Geek Dad"I really think this may be the perfect solution for setting up a pretty indestructible computer for my kids. [...] I may pick up one of these for the kids, and then one as a kitchen internet station." (05/25/07) Read more  

PC Magazine"A $99 PC with up to 100GB of storage, a small footprint, and the ability to play your multimedia files? That's pretty hard to believe, but the Zonbu PC pulls it off." (05/24/07) Read more  

EcoVertex"I was aghast at some packaging offenders by green companies. (...) I just received a "green" PC from the folks at Zonbu and the first thing I noted was the sensible packaging. It arrived in perfect condition and the packaging was cardboard." (05/24/07) Read more  

Gizmodo"...amazingly as simple to use as a Mac... this machine syncs, swaps, and backs up your data automatically, over the wire. I love it." (05/23/07) Read more  

EcoGeek"Depending on your current set-up, using a Zonbu could save you more in utilities than you'll be paying for the subscription. An excellent enticement." (05/08/07) Read more  

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