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Open source

The Zonbu team believes in the open source model and wants to strongly support it. Our image is built from the excellent Gentoo distribution. Here is a list of packages that we include:

We do not provide source code for individual applications as the sources are freely available on the web. Select a package above and click "Go" to find the sources for a given package. If you have trouble locating individual components, please do not hesitate to ask us and we will provide a tarball.

Our patches are publicly available under the terms of the GPL in this archive. It contains additional files required by the system to install applications. Once the contents of the archive are extracted, you will find our latest patches in /home/pcor/pcor/trunk.


Free developer edition

A free version of the Zonbu OS is available to open source developers. You will need an x86 compatible machine with IDE storage. Read the installation instructions. You can remove the root privilege restriction and bypass the login screen as explained in the documentation.


Bug-tracking, releases and changelogs

Our bug database is publicly accessible. You can browse it at http://bugzilla.zonbu.com. If you find a bug, please register an account and file it. We will be happy to take a look at it.

The list of our releases and the associated changelogs are published on this page.


A few projects we really like

This includes Gentoo, Xfce (including Thunar), Gnome, OpenOffice.org, Evolution, OpenChrome, MPlayer, Gnome-MPlayer, Banshee, F-Spot, and Pigdin. We have sponsored some of those projects in the past few months and we welcome your participation in their further development.


Any suggestions?

If you think that we should include in our image any other useful application, please email us at developer@zonbu.com.


Missing credits

We have listed credits for all the packages and applications used in Zonbu on our legal page. If you notice any missing credits, please send an email to developer@zonbu.com so we can update this page.

Help us to improve Zonbu by reporting the bugs you encounter. File an entry in our bug tracker and our developing team will work to fix it.


Discover the new features brought by the automatic upgrades, and check if the bugs you encountered were fixed.


Zonbu is natively compatible with thousands of USB accessories.


Zonbu comes preloaded with 20 of the most useful applications for your everyday needs. Internet, Office, Multimedia and more.


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